About Us

Family owned company since 1967

Since 1967 high value products, processes and services around plastic are offered within the Stükerjürgen Group. Your ideas and requirements are supported in order to assure the success of your product. Quality-conscious, creative, flexible and with the passion of a Westphalia family owned company – support is guaranteed.

Our motto

What matters to us

Our family company has been producing high-quality products, processes and services since 1967. Our motto "Enthusiastic Reliability" is lived by all of us and includes the 5 core ideas of our corporate philosophy:

Well-being of the employee

It's very important to us that our employees feel comfortable and enjoy working.


With good ideas, the latest technologies and a permanent will to progress, we face the challenge of constantly realizing new solutions in plastic.


Plastics are among the most versatile materials of our time. We produce from small series to large series and serve customers from a wide variety of industries.

Customer satisfaction

With the virtue "Made in Germany" and our Westphalian values, we work in partnership with our customers

Environmental awareness

Our environment is important to us. That is why we rely on long-lasting products and are increasingly using recycled and bioplastics




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