Hands-Free Door Opener
Hands-Free Door Opener
Hands-Free Door Opener

Hands-Free Door Opener

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The solution for contactless door opening

They are everywhere, invisible to the naked eye and, unfortunately, often very dangerous: the corona pandemic has once again shown how important protection against viruses and bacteria is. Surfaces such as the door handle pose a particular risk of contamination / virus transmission due to their frequent use by different people and direct skin contact.

Our door handle attachment is a simple solution to minimize the risk of infection through contact infection on door handles. With this attachment, the door can be opened and closed with the forearm and without any skin contact.

The door handle attachment is suitable for round door handles with a diameter of approx. 20 mm and can be quickly and easily attached using 3 screws (included in delivery).

Convince yourself and benefit from quality "Made in Germany".

Product details

Material: ABS (natural colour)

Scope of delivery

Set of 2 (for one door: inside + outside)
6 screws
6 nuts


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